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We understand the purpose of data and what purpose your data should meet. Making sense out of large volumes of data is not an easy task. It demands careful collection, organization and presentation. Our offline data entry services follow a meticulous process ensuring high levels of accuracy, speed and ease of understanding.

Offline Data Entry Services

Offline Data Entry refers to the process of entering data into the desired format using an optical scanner, data recorder, or keyboard and transcribes written documents into computer data or electronic data from one type to another. Keyboards used for Offline Data Entry have additional features like specialist keys and multiple colors to achieve better clarity while feeding in data to speed up work.

Data fed into databases manually includes addresses and names; computer programming information, financial information, medical records, and so on. Other types of data transcribed are information in spreadsheets, handwritten documents, number sequences, or a list of computer codes. Some organizations use audio inputs in which operators listen to call-outs to enter data into a computing system. ‘Accuracy of data entered is vital for quality Offline Data Entry work since a wrong symbol, number or letter can throw off the whole command function incorporated in computer codes.

Services We Provide for Offline Data Entry

Our company is known for high-quality results offered by our data entry specialists at an affordable prices to global clients. Our offline data entry services are:
  • Data entry from books
  • Data entry from directories
  • Data entry from scripts
  • Data entry in excel file
  • Data entry in the text file
  • Offline data Entry from survey forms
  • Offline data Entry in image file
  • Data entry from audio and video files

Get in touch with our experts to know about our other offline data entry services, avail the benefits of our quality driven cost-effective solutions.

offline data entry

Advantage of Offline Data Entry

Qualified professionals offering offline data entry services can contribute to data utilization because of their apt attention to detail, neat presentation, speed, and error-free compilation. The following points demonstrate the key benefits of offline data entry services for an organization.


Multisource Data Extraction and Synchronization

Offline data entry enables the compilation of data from multiple sources and their synchronization for use in the database. Many public and private organizations use a combination of online and offline resources for their day-to-day operations. Forms are filled on paper, and field information is collected in the written format. There are numerous books, files, research papers, and manuscripts found in offices, stores, and libraries without their digital versions. Offline data entry is the most viable model to collect and compiling data and information from these sources.

Greater Accuracy

The predominant involvement of men in offline data entry guarantees greater accuracy. Clients provide verified information suitable for their requirements, leaving no option for clerks to search and collect information. This allows them to become experts in entry services and fully concentrate on compilation and ensure better arrangement, accuracy, and quality.

Low-Cost Data Conversion and Compilation

As offline data entry requires the compilation of data from various sources, outsourcing vendors offer combined data conversion and compilation package services. It enables clients to save almost half of their operational and overhead costs. Deployment of the latest OCR technology and competent personnel also ensures the quality of data entry services.

No Format Limitation

Offline data entry allows the compilation and synchronization of data and information from all sources. There is no limitation as clerks read and enter data from papers, CDs, DVDs, electronic gadgets, files, documents, bills, and books, among others. Even data collected online can be assigned to offline clerks for compilation with greater accuracy.

How Does Brixlin Tech Make a Difference?

There is a multitude of offline data entry service providers, but our dedication, commitment, and diligent meticulous planning make a difference. Providing end-to-end user solutions is our aim and we strive hard to achieve the same.
All your data entry needs are not handled by mere typists, instead of by professionals. We meet the clients’ expectations by working with them and arriving at customized solutions.

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Brixlin Tech is a leading provider of online data entry services in India and a series of other data management services to global clients. Our highly skilled and experienced data entry experts can help you complete all your data entry needs within a quick turnaround time.

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