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Online store maintenance is an ongoing process and our team of catalog management professionals diligently performs catalog processing round-the-clock, to ensure that your catalogs are always up to date. Outsource eCommerce Catalog Processing to Invensis for effective management of online catalogs and product data entry of the highest quality.
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Catalog processing is the process of organizing all the products along with their specific brands, features, prices, offers, discounts, etc. for an e-commerce website. Moreover, it is one of the most favorable ways to promote the product in the market and to fascinate the customers.

To sell goods online, one needs an online catalog to display their products. In this era of e-commerce, it has become almost a necessity for every retail brand to have a digital presence in order to improve their visibility as well as sales. Changing trends have a lot of people enjoying internet shopping; be it for clothes, groceries, electronic devices, books, or a lot of other things. Hence, it is important for every retailer, whether big or small to enlist their goods on the internet, in other words, enter the online market by setting up an internet store.

We offers catalog processing services for internet Stores/e-Commerce sites including care of internet stores. Our catalog processing services for internet shops include changing providers Paper Catalogs to the internet, Updating Online Catalogs, Graphical Image Work, PDF transition of Catalogs, Database updating, and constructing Web-based Catalogs. We acquire the catalogs from a diversity of distributing references, like the site, Physical Catalogs, Digitally Shot Pictures, etc.

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What Includes in our Catalog Processing Services?

Our dedicated team has extensive experience in working on data culled from varied sources (such as websites, physical catalogs, digital images, etc.) to display information in generalized format. We have expertise in handling all types of catalog processing projects which include:

Adding & Updating Products

We take special care of the consistency for product format while adding or updating products to make an elegant layout on the front-end. We are able to update products for you on an ongoing basis having a unique approach for each and every online store.

Product Categorization

Adding a product within the right category & sub-category is of utmost importance so that your customers can smoothly find the product they are looking for. Our experts spend a lot of their time studying your online store.

Prices, Discounts & Offers

We can update product prices for you on a regular basis so that your customers can get precise information about prices. We will also add various discounts & offers to encourage your customers to buy the products.

Size/Color Availability

We have salient experience in adding & updating sizes, colors, availability & other features of the products. By doing this, your customers will always get perfect information about the product features & availability.

Product Image Editing

We are staffed with seasoned image editors who are always there to edit product images as per requirements. These graphic artists can resize images, remove background, adjust color and brightness, add logos, and remove watermarks.

Collecting Product Data

Our professionals collate data from PDFs, hard copies, scanned images, manufacturers’ websites, and online catalogues. If that’s not enough to make your catalogue information-rich, we sometimes conduct online research also.

SKU Development

SKU, the shortened form of stock-keeping unit, plays a vital role in the management of stock for an e-commerce business. Catalog processing and management can be a mess without proper SKUs. Our cataloging professionals develop apt SKUs for all products in your online store.

Generating SEO Compatible Content

Descriptions and titles with essential keywords integrated give more strength to your search engine optimization efforts and take your products to a lot more people. Our professionals pay good attention to the optimization of your product content and metadata.

CSV Upload

We can furnish bespoken catalog processing services and ready-to-take bulk product uploading. Preparing and uploading CSVs always remain the most important part of e-commerce business operations. Our catalog processing team is dexterous in creating error-free CSVs for various shopping carts and marketplaces.

Some popular e-commerce platforms we have worked for-

• Magento                             • Shopify

• X-Cart                                • Volusion

• Amazon                             • Yahoo Store

• WooCommerce                 • eBay

• NetSuite                            • Zen Cart

• X-Cart                               • BigCommerce

• Monster Commerce

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Why Outsource Catalog Processing Services to Brixlin Techworks?

Flatworld is a leading provider of e-commerce catalog conversion services and there are many benefits to using our services. These include –

  • Cost-effective PricesWith our catalog processing services, you achieve cost savings of up to 60% of what you are currently incurring.
  • High-quality ServicesWe are an eCommerce and catalog processing firm and make use of multi-level quality checks and processes and robust QA processes to ensure that you always receive the most accurate catalog processing services.
  • Superb InfrastructureOur catalog processing specialists work out of state-of-the-art offices, which enables them to provide world-class catalog processing outsourcing services.
  • Turnaround TimeWe will always provide our catalog processing solutions on time, every time since we take deadlines very seriously.

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We know that while selecting the best outsourcing service provider to manage your Catalog Processing, you need some quality feedback, and that’s why we tell you not to trust us blindly but get our services free of cost as a trial and then commit to us for full-time work. We offer a free trial to you. So take the first step and contact us to try our services. You can contact us at: