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Amazon product data entry is different from products uploaded on other e-commerce platforms—Amazon’s regulations and stringent templates being the big differentiator. Each Amazon product listing needs meticulously entering product-specific information on the prescribed template. From SKUs to standard product IDs, titles, bullets, and product descriptions to primary keywords, backend or hidden keywords, and category-specific information—all product attributes should be filled with 100% accuracy. We are the one-stop-shop to get quality Amazon Product Upload/ Listing Services. We have extensive experience of performing labor-intensive and time-consuming tasks that you would rather outsource – such as product upload, bulk product upload, data entry, inventory management, etc. We also offer Amazon Product Listing Optimization Services and Amazon Bulk Upload Services. Use our professional Amazon product listing services, and concentrate on other facets of your business while we do the “behind the scenes” work for you.

Our comprehensive suite of Amazon product data entry service include


  • Meticulously adding all the product-related information such as SKU, MNP, UPC, standard product ID, product tag, description, brand name, etc.


  • Adding and editing essential product attributes such as size, color, shape, material, weight, etc to give the right information to the customers.

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    • Writing informative, engaging, compelling, and search engine optimized product titles and descriptions
    • Diligently putting the data online irrespective of the fact information is of a single product or multiple products.
    • Keeping you abreast with the stock level, restock dates of your products ensuring you are able to calculate the right shipping time and there is no hurdle in delivery.
    • Editing and enhancing product images before uploading them to meet Amazon’s standard and to maximize your sales.
    • Ensuring best-fitting product category & sub-category to boost product searchability
    • Ensuring correctness of product images [Size, Background, Resolution]
  • Updating product pages for special offers [discounts, coupons, reward points] Assistance for International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs), European Article Numbers (EANs), Universal Product Codes (UPCs) from legitimate authorities
  • Creating smart Product Sheets to ensure future inventory additions/deletions are easy and Merging listings | Copying listings | Deleting listings | Closing listings

Why Choose Brixlin for Amazon Product Listing Services?

Being a proactive marketplace product listing company, we have years of innovative experience in the e-commerce industry. We are considered as a unique Amazon listing service provider.

  • 100% innovative approach for quality product feed
  • Maintains the integrity of the Store
  • Trust of product store
  • Error-free attributes
  • Fully Fledged functionality of the store
  • SEO friendly Amazon listing services

Our agency provides several benefits for new and existing clients. Have a look:


Enhanced Technical Support:

To manage Amazon’s store, you must have technical awareness about all tips & tricks which are related to product submission. It is a time-consuming process, that’s why it needs technical specialists who can manage the entire catalog as per the requirements of clients. Our staff members are experienced adequate to deal with all attributes of the listed products.


Customized Product Listing Template: 

At Brixlin, we choose templates as per the requirements of the clients. We also perform data entry of the products in an excel file. Apart from that, we create content that is informative and SEO compatible to enhance your sales prospects.



Proper categorization and subcategorization help customers to conveniently reach the desired products. Our professionals classify the products under apt categories and subcategories so that visitors can reach the intended products without wasting their precious time.


Complete Catalogue Management:

We manage the Amazon product listing by creating proper categories, sub-categories, descriptions, SKUs/UPCs, inventory etc. Our data entry experts also insert and update each and every product detail such as product title, product ID, product tag, description, features, price, quantity, URL, etc. to provide up-to-date information to the customers. By using the advanced upload tools, we are capable of uploading a single product or multiple products in an efficient manner.


Precise Bullet Points:

Amazon allows sellers to list the main attractions or USPs of their products in bullet points. Our team crafts precise bullet points for the products we upload onto Amazon for ensuring a better comprehension of the product for the prospective buyers. It also affects the discoverability of search results.


Quality Image Editing Output:

Eye-catching and detailed images always make a direct, positive impact on your sales. Clear images will always help your customers to understand your products in a better way. While a poor image will always bring doubt about the quality of your product. We ensure the uploading of the right images as per the guidelines of Amazon. Our graphic artists are well aware of techniques to enhance images for e-commerce use.


Systematic Order Processing: 

In order to ensure efficient processing of the orders placed by the customer, we assist you in keeping a track of the processed and pending orders which will help you to keep your inventory up to date.


Improved Store Search:

We deeply study your products and set up your products in parent-child treelike categories and subcategories. With the help of the Variation Theme Element, We list the main product as the parent and organize the other products as a child depending upon the other attributes such as color, size, count, style, etc.

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As you can probably tell by now, we’re experienced in dealing with product listings on Amazon and will be glad to do the hard yards for your business as well. outsourcing your Amazon data entry services to us is the best thing you ever did for your business!