Order Processing Services

Successful order fulfillment is the cornerstone to excellent customer service and delivery of business services, regardless of whether an organization is into B2C or B2B operations. Nowadays, this becomes more challenging keeping in mind the increasing complexity of business supply chains, and rising expectations of customers for quick and prompt order fulfillment.
order processing services

Order Processing

Be it B2B, B2C, small, big, offline, or online business, processing customer orders is the key to run a successful business. Whether you are rendering services or selling a product, it becomes essential to process your customers’ orders quickly and accurately. In case you fail or are late to complete order processing, it will lead to an unsatisfied customer base and ultimately affect your brand reputation. Bulk data processing, integration issues with an existing platform, and lack of knowledge can lead to bad order processing and customer satisfaction. Therefore, business owners need a dedicated team to stay ahead of the competition. If you want to get more business from repeated customers, then you can outsource order processing services to improve your customer services.

Our Process: How We Approach Order Processing Services

For eCommerce businesses, answering customer queries, feedback, and quick order processing is just a customer retaining technique. However, it has become an integral part of any online business today, as strategic order processing leads to more sales and improved brand reputation. We have a professional team for processing your customer orders quickly. Our order processing experts meticulously review all the aspects of order processing to ensure a hassle-free shopping experience for your customers.
Project Discussion

It includes an in-depth discussion with the client to get an understanding of the order processing project. We also scope the project duration, define resources, Timing, and quotation.

Training Session

We set up a call with the client for the training session. Our team has vast industry expertise in handling the order processing project, but we insist on training to ensure the utmost accuracy and proficiency in our services.

Order Processing

Our team is well trained and familiar with Order Management System. After receiving the receipt of the order through System, They take immediate action on that.

Order Processing Services That We Offer

We offer a range of order processing services that help to improve the day-to-day running of your business. We are well-equipped to handle the process of any e-commerce order from beginning to end. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

Order Fulfillment

We excel at inputting all the necessary order details including item information, customer information, quantities, invoice numbers, packaging, shipping methods, and more. We are highly skilled at both individual and bulk order processing.

Payment Transaction Processing

Our teams are well-versed in processing the payment transaction details of customers around the globe. Our expertise keeps delays and errors at bay. We perform a range of tasks including credit card authorizations, past payment audits, invoice creation, and send-out, and price verification.

Product Shipment Management

By verifying all the necessary shipment information, including carrier details, dispatch scheduling, consignee address, and mode of transportation, we ensure a completely smooth delivery process.

Return Order Processing

In the event of a return order as a result of damages caused while in transit or as a result of incorrect product delivery, our teams can quickly and efficiently handle the situation to stave off customer dissatisfaction.

Order Tracking

We provide customers with the security they need by tracking orders while they are in transit. Customers are notified of expected delivery dates as well as any unexpected delays along the way.

Inventory Management

We keep things running backend smoothly by restocking items promptly. Controlling products effectively helps to avoid out-of-stock events that could cause frustration on the customer’s side.

Why Outsource Order Processing Services to Brixlin?

Here are some of the benefits that clients will enjoy, when they outsource their order processing services to us:


♦ High-quality technical support that enables smooth and uninterrupted services

♦ 24 hours multi-channel customer care and contact center services that deal with order taking and managing customer calls, thus enhancing the efficiency of order processing

♦ Achievement of cost savings greater than 50 %order processing

♦ Availability of dedicated and exclusive order processing team with trained and skilled personnel

♦ Maximizing cash flow by reducing the duration of the order-to-cash cycle and reduction in cost per order

♦ Customized order processing services which can be scaled up or down as per changing demands

♦ Assured data security and data confidentiality through the implementation of data security standards and Non-Disclosure Agreements

♦ Assured high-quality standards as well as the emphasis on ethical practices

Ensures shorter turnaround times

Discuss Your Project with Us

We know that while selecting the best outsourcing service provider to manage your Order Processing, you need some quality feedback, and that’s why we tell you not to trust us blindly but get our services free of cost as a trial and then commit to us for full-time work. We offer a free trial to you. So take the first step and contact us to try our services. You can contact us at: info@brixlin.com