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Our Catalogue conversion services range from converting data from Excel files, printed documents, databases, emails, scanned blogs & articles, images, infographics, or even PDFs.

Nowadays, every trader moves its business online because they know e-business demands modern buyers. ECommerce is a profitable option for all companies, whether it is small, medium, or large. By putting your business online you can still deal with your traditional customers but online trading gives you a range of modern customers as well that are using computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. These modern customers help you to expand your business, in other words, they do marketing for your products or brands by forwarding or sharing them to their friends and colleagues. As a result, your store gets popularity and you make enlarge your customers’ database day-by-day.

However, digitizing printed Catalogues is not enough. Therefore, our Catalogue conversion services range from converting data from Excel files, printed documents, databases, emails, scanned blogs & articles, images, infographics, or even PDFs. Even though it looks perfect, all this needs to be professionally converted into user-friendly formats for ease of accessibility before uploading successfully on your website. Brixlin’s customized Catalogue solutions enable users to access product information such as description and online warranty cards, view images, place orders, return, and share product details with others at their convenience.

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Our Comprehensive Process for Catalogue Conversion Services

There are several advantages of selling through an online store. Listed below are some of the key benefits you gain after converting your paper catalogs into digital employing our affordable catalog conversion services:


Requirement Gathering: Customers either send a printed Catalogue or scanned documents, then our experts speak to them to understand their needs.

Document Analysis: Once we receive your documents (paper Catalogue or digital document), it goes for analysis of documentation.

Content Management: Our Catalogue conversion specialists then design your online or web-based Catalogues.

Improving Store Interface: Everything is senseless if the store is not well designed, so we start working on the store’s user interface to make it appealing & interactive.

Image Editing: Considering it an essential part of Catalogue conversion services, our image editing experts edit, change the background and create appealing product images.

Product Categorization: With extensive experience in Catalogue conversion, we have expertise in categorizing your products as per categories and sub-categories.

Quality Check: Catalogue conversion is a responsible task, hence our experts do manual quality checks to get the outcome for utmost accuracy.

Uploading & Back Support: After quality assurance, the catalogues are ready to upload to your website and we will update them on a regular basis.

Paper-to-Digital Catalog Conversion Services

Our catalog data entry experts are adept at processing any physical product catalog and creating a highly compatible datasheet for upload on your online store’s database backend. We meticulously understand your specific needs before converting catalogs and enable you to efficiently manage your online product catalogs with one hundred percent accuracy. The catalog processing professionals at Brixlin employ tested methodology and proven processes to achieve excellent outcomes in almost every catalog conversion venture.

catalog conversionOur catalog conversion and product upload specialists understand the value of accuracy in online business. Therefore, they carefully convert your catalogs and list products into appropriate categories and sub-categories. We aim to create SEO-friendly product pages on your eCommerce store so that online shoppers can find your products or website easily and make orders. 

we offer you customized catalog conversion solutions at an economical cost. Our process comprises a strict quality control method to ensure the best quality in all kinds, dimensions,s, and complexity of projects. Outsource eCommerce product catalog conversion services to us and save on time, money, and efforts. We have sufficient resources with in-depth knowledge to handle your urgent conversion needs. To deliver your catalog data entry and conversion projects within the stipulated time, we are backed with multiple shifts, the latest technology, and hard-working professionals.

Why us for catalog Conversion:

You should consider us for the eCommerce facilities as we are very economic in creating and maintaining catalogs with the online catalog conversion services at very low prices. We also have increased accuracy in the quality and accessibility of your data and content. We make the relevant data information much more easy to access for the customer and increase the user experience. You would give you immediate updates on the key performance indicators of your catalogs through Google Analytic reports gauging the traffic in the online catalog. We also would provide round-the-clock customer and technical support for the customers.

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We know that while selecting the best outsourcing service provider to manage your catalog conversion, you need some quality feedback, and that’s why we tell you not to trust us blindly but get our services free of cost as a trial and then commit to us for full-time work. We offer a free trial to you. So take the first step and contact us to try our services. You can contact us at: