with our online catalog building services, you can expand your market area and reach a large audience for greater sales.

We at Brixlin, help you utilize the selling power of the internet through product catalog building and indexing services. With the help of our certified professionals in catalog building & indexing, we convert your paper catalog into an online catalog accurately. With our online catalog-building services, you can expand your market area and reach a large audience for greater sales.

catalog processingThe internet is the most powerful tool in today’s generation. In this competitive world, you don’t need to make optimum use of your resources to stay ahead when the internet is there. eCommerce catalogs are one of the robust platforms to connect products with website visitors. Catalog building and indexing is the most essential part when it comes to displaying the product online. Though it is a simple process but ultimately decides the viewership and sales of the product. Most of eCommerce businesses outsource catalog building and catalog indexing services to improve sales, revenue, and overall customer experience. When technology is so powerful today, businesses can take advantage of the selling power of the internet with an online catalog building.

Our team displays all the information into a designed data record of the eCommerce site using a set criterion as given by the client. All handed-over information for catalog building whether it is structured data or unstructured data is entered in an orderly manner making it easily comprehensible, accessible, and engaging to the user. We ascertain that all data is accurate and authentic giving a clear description of the product. Our data inputs, as well as content management, help increase your reach as well as attract audiences due to its neat arrangement and articulate categorizing. We help create a fierce online presence and ensure that potential clients/ users are directed to your site. We provide your eCommerce platform with precise entries, well-presented photos, and proper categorization to help boost your business and escalate your sales.

Catalog Building and Indexing Services We Offer

Choosing Vserve will help manage your resources optimally, reduce cost, and improve customer experience. Working with us will provide access to professional processing specialists to image editors and our exclusive catalog management solution. 

We can deliver our online catalog building services and product catalog indexing services both for cloud-based platforms and other offline document formats such as MS Excel. Partner with us to get the benefits of easily accessible catalog data that will accelerate your sales, marketing, and other core business activities.

Catalog Building
All hardcopies of details to be cataloged handed over to us are developed to provide you with an online catalog or an e-based catalog. Data is written as per the desired format and presented on the website enticingly to cater to user needs. We majorly delve into building a catalog in SharePoint. This gives your customers access to view and purchase products on eCommerce sites. We cross-check and verify the credibility of the product detail before making meticulous entries onto the website.
Data Entry
All data is entered in the latest catalog building and indexing software in an articulate manner. We punctiliously enter data in an accurate, appealing, and easily understandable way. We have a quality control team that ensures that there are data presented is flawless and matches the product displayed.
Data Authentication
We ensure that all data licensing rights are abided by. We check that all the data handed over to us has the necessary requisites allowing you to make this data public. We ensure that the product description is genuine and of relevance to customers giving them a reason to visit your site time and again thus ascertaining future loyalty. Note that any fraudulent data handed over to us will lead to the cancellation of the contract.
Content Management
We can help design and create a database tailored to display your data appealingly. We can also be given short and/ or long-term contacts for managing and updating content as and when required. We aim to not only help direct target audiences but increase your reach to diverse users.
Cross-Selling and Up-selling Products
Upselling involves the purchase of a product that costs comparably more than a customer/ user is looking out for. Cross-selling entices customers to buy related or complementary products. A huge part of our entry work includes displaying the products and classifying them in an order that shows the user the many available options and the better alternatives that they can opt for.
Product Indexing
All data is sieved to categorize the products as per criteria that makes searching for it easier. One of the most commonly used methods is alphabetical indexing. All brands, products, and manufacturer information can be categorized based on their popularity, as per the rating, costs, etc. Every little detail such a manufacturer’s contact information, customer service, and product manual descriptions are methodically provided.
Product Management
We help configure your products as well as assist you in sales-boosting tactics such as adding multiple products to a single listing, add-on options to products as per preference, sell virtual products like software, music, e-books, etc. This is a great way for your customers to buy more than one product. We set up your site differently for wholesale customers as compared to retail customers.
Image Uploading
We upload clear images and/or quality photos with all types of views. Housing experts with advanced Photoshop skills can crop, beautify, and/ or appealingly edit pictures. We ensure that every image/ picture portrayed matches the description and draws the attention of the user.
Product Description
We punctiliously enter all product descriptions. We generate a description, define the price as well and maintain a detailed inventory of all product categories and sub-categories. Irrespective of the extent of changes that are required to the date leave it up to our professionals to cater to your expectations.
Online Tracking
You will be provided with a link to our online tracking system where you can check the progress of your data entry process. If you detect any issues during the entry process they are immediately verified and taken care of by our team.

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You should consider us for the eCommerce facilities as we are very economical in creating and maintaining catalogs with online catalog building services at very low prices. We also have increased accuracy in the quality and accessibility of your data and content. We make the relevant data information much more easy to access for the customer and increase the user experience. You would give immediate updates on the key performance indicators of your catalogs through Google Analytics reports gauging the traffic in the online catalog. We also would provide round-the-clock customer and technical support for the customers.

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