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Discover the potential to interact with customers and enhance your business endeavors. BrixlinTech, a leading company in the field, is here to offer its valuable assistance. Our exceptional data extraction services are available globally, facilitated through outsourcing from our base in India. We employ a wide range of innovative and customized web scraping techniques that allow us to swiftly obtain the specific information your business requires for a successful transformation.

Our company specializes in data extraction, utilizing a systematic approach to gather important information from various sources. Typically, dealing with content that has different structures can be quite challenging. Many times, this content is found in an unorganized or fragmented state. To address this issue, our team of experts employs advanced AI-driven automated tools to efficiently process and transform the data.

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Obtain Affordable Structured Data from Various Web Sources Using Customized Data Extraction Services.

The primary objective of these services is to streamline the data extraction process by utilizing advanced algorithms and techniques. By customizing the extraction parameters, they ensure that the collected data is relevant, accurate, and tailored to meet specific requirements.

We possess the necessary equipment and technology to thoroughly analyze PDFs and other types of documents, ensuring that our clients receive precise and flawless data. Our expertise allows us to extract significant and pertinent information for your business and deliver accurate services swiftly.

Obtaining information from extensive databases can be a laborious and time-consuming task. Our team utilizes scripts to efficiently navigate through large databases, indexes, fields, tables, and more to deliver clients with precise and impactful data for their businesses.

We have the ability to retrieve information about products, such as prices, descriptions, attributes, and other data related to the products, from various sources including online retail websites, manufacturer websites, and marketplaces.

Our team can harness the potential of a coded and rule-based approach to retrieve information from the internet. We specialize in providing precise and reliable web data extraction services promptly. Count on us to deliver accurate results without any errors.

Sometimes, ready-made databases may not be effective in identifying the perfect prospects, leading to wasted budgets and efforts. Our data collection services offer a personalized approach to gain a deeper understanding of your target audience. We identify relevant data sources, extract customer lead data, and provide you with a tailored list of potential customers to enhance your sales and marketing endeavors.

As part of our data extraction services, we gather information like user profiles, posts, comments, and user details from popular social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. This data is utilized for various purposes, including market research, sentiment analysis, and user profiling. Furthermore, our team of experts strictly follows data protection regulations when extracting social media data.

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Workflow of Our Data Extraction Services

  • Project Requirement Analysis

    After establishing contact, our team carefully understands your project requirements, sets clear deliverables, and prepares service-level agreements.

  • Data Extraction Source Identification

    Having understood your business needs, our experts scrutinize multiple web sources and identify the most relevant sources to extract data.

  • Data Extraction Using Automated or Manual Techniques

    Depending on your requirements, our experts employ scripts and crawlers to extract relevant data. Where automated techniques fail, we perform manual data extraction.

  • Data Sorting, Cleaning and Quality Check

    Data extracted from diverse sources can be heterogeneous, irrelevant & unstructured. Hence, our experts remove irrelevant data, sort and cleanse the dataset before delivering it.

  • Secured Data Delivery

    We deliver the final dataset in your desired format via a secured FTP server or encrypted email to ensure no data security breach.

Our services for extracting web data are designed to cater to a wide range of industries and sectors.

E-commerce Product Data Extraction

We can gather information about products, such as pricing, descriptions, characteristics, and other relevant data, from various sources including online retail websites, manufacturer websites, and online marketplaces.

Data Extraction for Sales & Marketing

Our role is to assist you by collecting and obtaining pertinent data regarding customers, potential clients, market trends, and other variables that may influence sales and marketing endeavours.

Financial Data Extraction

Our company specializing in data extraction can gather a wide range of financial information from various online sources. This includes but is not limited to, financial reports, up-to-date exchange rates, stock market data, and share prices.

Healthcare Data Extraction

We specialize in extracting data while ensuring compliance. Our expertise lies in gathering clinical information from various sources such as medical records, insurance claims data, healthcare databases.

Real Estate Data Extraction

Our team of experts is capable of extracting foreclosure data, mortgage property information, property listings, and various other real estate data from the sources you specify, under your project requirements.

Travel & Hospitality Data Extraction

We can assist you in collecting information from rival companies and other online platforms specializing in travel. This data encompasses the latest trends, airfare rates, accommodation options, travel plans.

Why Outsource Data Extraction Services to BrixlinTech?

Some of the key reasons to choose us as your partner are –

Affordable Pricing Options

We provide our clients with highly cost-effective and affordable pricing packages.

Superior Quality Services

We are an ISO-certified organization that ensure superior quality at all times.

Information Security

Being an ISMS-certified firm, all steps are taken to protect your data.

Quick Turnaround Time

We always deliver the best quality data processing and extraction services within a short time.

Easily Scalable Services

Our team has the required skills and expertise to scale up the data processing and extraction service requirements and project team size as and when required.

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