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While outsourcing inventory management companies in the business, everyone looks for reliability. No one would like to compromise with their stock and put their business at risk in the name of inventory management.
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Inventory Management perhaps an important aspect to be considered when it comes to e-commerce businesses. Alongside, it is often the biggest headache for any e-commerce store as the entire concept of e-commerce is based on the internet so it is important to stock up with the respective products to cater to the demand of the customers at the right time. In simple words, inventory management helps you to manage and have knowledge of your inventory so that you can arrange it accordingly and deliver it to your customers whenever they require it without any delay. While dealing with online products, you need to keep an eagle on your stock to prevent the shortage of stock. Short stock will not only create a bad image in the market, even kick off your existing customers & stop converting your traffic into customers.

E-commerce Inventory Management Process

Any business that is selling products online needs a reliable method for recording, analyzing, and managing its stock of those items. Implementing an effective e-commerce inventory management process through a remarkable company that deals in inventory management service make it possible to accomplish these goals with maximum workflow efficiency, optimum ROI, and minimum expenses.

Inventory Control: With inventory control, we optimize your ability and make it meet customer’s demands as it is the foremost step to reach profitability and competitive strength.


Stock Review: We, at Brixlin, compare the available stock level to the future estimated demands so that you’ll always be stocked up with the products.


Cycle Counting: Here, specific portions of inventory are counted occasionally to keep the shortage of products at bay.


ABC Analysis: We classify inventory into A, B, and C groups based on value and quantity.

“A” Goods are low in quantity but high in value.
“B” Goods are available and moderate in value.
“C” Goods are low in values but high in availability.
Here, “A” is more expensive and sells goods slowly than “B” &” C”, so we manage the inventory most likely.


Just-in-Time: After following the aforementioned steps, we ensure materials and goods arrive on demand for immediate turnaround to customers.


FIFO & LIFO: In our inventory management service, we include either the FIFO (first in first out) or the LIFO (last in first out) valuation method to deal with the actual value of the inventory of your company.

So this is our proven method that helps your business to continue sales without any interruption.

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What Includes In Inventory Management Services?


Being a top-notch inventory management service provider, we take all aspects into account, including tracking and reserving, to overcome the shortage of inventory. Apart from anything, it is crucial to maximizing sales and improving customer satisfaction. For this, we have penned down the services that upgrade your existing customer’s list and fill your accounts with maximum profits.

With years of experience, we provide comprehensive Catalogue conversion services including Catalogue data entry, Catalogue processing, Catalogue indexing, Catalogue management, maintenance, and more. To help you expand your business while meeting your organizational needs, we render affordable Catalogue conversion services.


check what we have for you:-

  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Daily Inventory Update
  • Inventory Forecasting


With these services, our e-commerce inventory management team members will ensure you have equipped with enough material and the time when you need it. They have enough knowledge to help you maintain the correct amount of inventory on your shelves. We, at Brixlin, include state-of-the-art equipment and technology that help to outsource inventory management with extra accuracy and authenticity.

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we believe that the best way to track and manage your inventory is to have a centralized inventory system. In order to this, we seamlessly deliver our services to cut your inventory management burden and provide you with a better system return. This is all about us. For further assistance, speak to our expertise, Email us at: